GK530 Tournament Kailh Brown RGB

Product code: SPG013
EAN: 5903018660028

SPC Gear GK530 Tournament is a Tenkeyless edition of SPC Gear Keyboard. 87 keys, compact size, metal to cover, full RGB lighting and macro function make it a perfect choice for home and tournament gamers.

Kailh Brown switches are meant to be used by gamers, but they're equally good for other applications.


Selected technical data

Keyboard type Mechanical
Switch type Kailh Brown
Number of keys 87
Lighting type Full RGB
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Recommended price: 49 EUR

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Classic design

Beauty lies in simplicity

SPC Gear GK-530 Tournament Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has been created to give you simple shape and compact size gaming device. This little thing it’s all you need to enhance your gaming experience! It works perfectly at home, but thanks to its compact size can be transported easily to Gaming Tournaments or LAN Parties.

High durability

Metal top cover

Reinforced metal structure guarantees that SPC Gear GK-530 Tournament will always stay in the same position on your desk. High stiffness results in full certainty of its safety during transport. SPC Gear GK-530 Tournament gives you all that you need, whenever you need it.

Full RGB

18 lighting effects

Full RGB lighting provides an almost endless amount of possibilities. That way you can choose between 18 different lighting effects – from regular lighting through different kinds of waves to backlight reacting to keystrokes.

10 personalized lighting modes

Adjust lighting to your favorite games

SPC Gear GK-530 Tournament Gaming Keyboard 10 programmable lighting modes. Five of them are preprogrammed, but you can change them and adjust to your needs. It’s your choice which keys you need to be lightened, you pick the colors and easily safe 10 different modes.


As many as you need

Tenkeyless GK530 Tournament Keyboard is a tailor-made solution, made to suit the gamer needs. 87 keys it’s all that you need to play your favorite games and transport you keyboard easily afterward.

Kailh Brown Mechanical Switches

With 50 million keystrokes

Kailh Brown switches are meant to be used by gamers, but they’re equally good for other applications.



N-Key Rollover it’s an 87-keys anti-ghosting. It means that you can push all the keys at the same time and each signal will be separately registered.  Your ideas will be the only thing standing in your way!



For gaming or home use purposes, SPC Gear keyboard gives you the ability to programme your own macros.  That means that several keys may be replaced by just one. Make your life easier, at home and work!

RGB effects:

1. FN + INS (L1)
2. FN + INS (L1)
3. FN + INS (L1)
4. FN + HM (L2)
5. FN + HM (L2)
6. FN + HM (L2)
7. FN + PU (L3)
8. FN + PU (L3)
9. FN + PU (L3)
10. FN + DEL (L4)
11. FN + DEL (L4)
12. FN + DEL (L4)
13. FN + END (L5)
14. FN + END (L5)
15. FN + END (L5)
16. FN + PD (L6)
17. FN + PD (L6)
18. FN + PD (L6)

Technical specifications

Keyboard type: Mechanical Switch type: Kailh Brown Number of keys: 87 Lighting type: Full RGB Cable length (m): 1,8 Plug: Gold Plated USB Macros: Yes Wrist rest: No Anti-Ghosting: N-Key Rollover Product size (mm): 361,5 x 133,5 x 22,5 Product weight (g): 900 Included accessories: Key caps tool Warranty: 24 months