GK530 Tournament Kailh Brown RGB

Product code: SPG013
EAN: 5903018660028

SPC Gear GK530 Tournament Kailh Brown RGB is tenkeyless version of mechanical keyboard for gamers, which will be a perfect match for gaming tournaments and LAN Parties. The compact size makes the keyboard portable and easy to transport to gaming tournaments, and software with the macro function will help to gain advantage of the virtual opponent. Metal top cover, punctual RGB lighting of each 87 individual keys, and Kailh Brown switches make the keyboard an universal choice for daily usage such as writing and video gaming.


Selected technical data

Keyboard type Mechanical
Switch type Kailh Brown
Number of keys 87
Lighting type Full RGB
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Recommended price: 49 EUR

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Classic design

Beauty lies in simplicity

The SPC Gear GK530 Tournament mechanical keyboard has been created for the players, who appreciate simple shapes. The compact sized keyboard will fit on the space limited desks.
This teeny weeny keyboard is everything you need for gaming! It will be a great match for the home users but can easily be taken to LAN party as well.

High durability

Metal top cover

Thanks to metal strenghtened frame, keyboard despite the small size provides a good grip, while keeping the right stiffness. The device will prove itself useful, wherever it might be needed.

True and full RGB

18 lighting effects

The spot RGB lighting gives almost unlimited numer of color combinations, thanks to which you can choose from 18 effects – starting from fixed lighting, through moving light patterns, to lighting that reacts to key press. Amaze your friends with the unique keyboard!

10 personalized lighting modes

Adjust lighting to your favorite games

SPC Gear GK530 Tournament keyboad features even 10 programmable lighting modes. Five of them are predefined but can be customized to your individual needs. You choose which keys are to be highlighted and what colour to use, and then save 10 different options.



The TKL (Tenkeyless) format is a perfect solution for players. The unnecessary number pad has been removed. Thanks to that you receive simplicity and more room for the mouse pad – exactly what you need for long gaming sessions!

Kailh Brown Mechanical Switches

With 50 million keystrokes

Kailh Brown switches are perfect compromise between gaming requirements and day to day use. Due to the Kailh Brown switch design, keys require less force to activate, and also they dont make the characteristic click sound when pressed. This makes the keyboard perfect to work with in busy environment (i.e in office) but will also be useful in evening gaming sessions.



N-Key rollover function provides full anti-ghosting. It means that you can press all keys in the same time, and each of them will be registered separately. The only limit is your invention.



Both in games, and in day to day usage, you can programme any macros. It means that you can assign a function which will normally require a combination of couple key presses to a single key. Thanks to the software you can set everything up as per your personal requirements in a few minutes. Make your gaming and work life easier!



SPC Gear software for keyboards makes the lighting modes management even easier. It allows the user to comfortably adjust lighting animation speed, its intensity and style. Another special function of the software is possibility to create easily editable macros – key sequences set by the user. The speed of macro execution can be adjusted while recording sequence.

Download the software.


1. FN + INS (L1)
2. FN + INS (L1)
3. FN + INS (L1)
4. FN + HM (L2)
5. FN + HM (L2)
6. FN + HM (L2)
7. FN + PU (L3)
8. FN + PU (L3)
9. FN + PU (L3)
10. FN + DEL (L4)
11. FN + DEL (L4)
12. FN + DEL (L4)
13. FN + END (L5)
14. FN + END (L5)
15. FN + END (L5)
16. FN + PD (L6)
17. FN + PD (L6)
18. FN + PD (L6)

Technical specifications

Keyboard type: Mechanical Switch type: Kailh Brown Number of keys: 87 Lighting type: Full RGB Cable length (m): 1,8 Plug: Gold Plated USB Macros: Yes Wrist rest: No Anti-Ghosting: N-Key Rollover Product size (mm): 361,5 x 133,5 x 22,5 Product weight (g): 900 Included accessories: Key caps tool Warranty: 24 months