KC104 Pudding DBL Shot PBT

Product code: SPG030
EAN: 5903018660929

SPC Gear KC104 Pudding DBL Shot PBT is a warranty of totally stunning look. Pudding is a very specific color configuraton – translucent milky bottom with black top resemble this popular British dessert – hence the name of this product. The keycaps will give your keyboard a brand new, astonishing look and maximize the switches’ lighting potential. This is a set for a full-size, 104-keys keyboard.


Selected technical data

Material PBT
Key count 104
Technology Double Injection
Color translucent “Pudding"
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Recommended price: 19,90 EUR

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SPC Gear KC104 Pudding DBL Shot PBT is a unique set of keycaps designed to emphasize the lighting of your keyboard. Milky color with contrasting black finish on top form a pudding-like pattern, giving your keyboard an outstanding character and providing better lighting of the battlefield!



The KC104 Pudding DBL Shot PBT keycaps include additional set of silencing rubber rings. The O-Rings are installed directly on switches, what absorbs and dampens the sound of your keyboard. You’ll definitely appreciate them if you got used to the quality of mechanical keyboards (and don’t want to go back), but not to the noise they produce when used.

Double Injection PBT


Double injection technology involves pouring each of the keycap layers of different colors into the mold one by one. This kind of manufacturing process makes keycaps virtually impossible to wear down. The material used for these keycaps is PBT – characterized by its rigidity and toughness, what makes it extremely impact resistant.

Technical Data

Material: PBT Key count: 104 Technology: Double Injection Color: translucent “Pudding" Key puller: Yes O-Rings: Yes Fits with: Cherry MX, Kailh, Outemu, Gateron

SPC Gear KC104 Pudding match the following keyboard layout: