Software for Cherry MX

SPC Gear software for GK530 Tournament Cherry MX, allows the user to comfortably adjust animation speed, its intensity, and style. From now on the setting of your own style designed especially for your individual expectations will be even easier.

Another special function of the software is the possibility to create easily editable macros – key sequences established by the user. The speed of following the macro steps can be adjusted while recording the sequence. It is an invaluable improvement on the video gaming field. Macro function will also be appreciated by the professionals, who use their computer for work –  the possibility of following the certain sequence only by clicking one key significantly speeds the work up.

The software also allows to set a new keyboard map.
All keys can now have a new function assigned, for example, certain letters can be swapped with eachother. This also concerns the functional keys. The function harmonizes perfectly with the dettachable keycaps – so remapped keyboard will corespond with the actual position of each key.

Remember!  Following software is compatible only with GK530 Cherry MX edition! If you are using version with Kailh switches, you can download compatible version HERE.