Software for the LIX and LIX Plus gaming mice

Software for the SPC Gear LIX and LIX Plus allows you to adjust the mouse parameters to individual user preferences, as well as for various applications (different games genre, work). You can easily change the functionality of eachof the 6 buttons, assign the function/multimedia keys to them or record and assign your own macros. You can also control lighting and choose from numerous standard modes, as well as create your own by assigning the selected colors to each LED.In the software, we can create profiles whose settings can be different from each other. Saved profiles can be exported and imported, and this will allow you to easily share your favorite mouse settings with your friends! Profile changes will be especially appreciated by people who share their computer, e.g. with siblings, when each person has completely different requirements – such as sensitivity.


Another special feature is the ability to create macros, i.e. user-defined key sequences that can be easily modified, and set the speed of their execution. This is an invaluable help in the virtual worlds. This function will also be appreciated by professionals who use the computer to work – the ability to perform a whole sequence of actions by pressing one button significantly speeds up the job.


SPC Gear mouse software also allows you to change the basic functions of the mouse, i.e. polling rate, scrolling speed, double-click speed or sensitivity setting regardless of the selected sensor resolution (DPI).

Below are links to software file packages and user manuals for SPC Gear LIXand SPC Gear LIX Plus: