Care instructions for armchairs with eco-leather upholstery

    1. Armchairs with eco-leather upholstery should only be cleaned with products specially prepared for the care of this type of upholstery. Products prepared for natural leather may excessively dry out the material, causing it to become damaged. DO NOT use any alcohol or solvent based products. Alternatively, it is also possible to clean the material with small amounts of water.
    2. Choose the preparation according to your preferences, paying strict attention to the method of application, as well as the smell of the preparation. After applying the preparation to the chair, the smell may remain noticeable for a while
    3. It is very important to follow the recommendations and instructions attached to the selected preparation.
    4. After the cleaning process is completed, the chair should be placed in a dry and well-ventilated room. DO NOT expose the chair to sunlight immediately after cleaning (or generally expose it to continuous, long-term direct sunlight during everyday use), as this may cause the upholstery to dry out too quickly, causing it to become damaged.
    5. After making sure that the seat is dry, it is ready to be used.