The SPC Gear AXIS is a multi-purpose high-fidelity microphone with variable directionality technology. Predominantly made of metal, the AXIS is highly durable, and mounted on top of a thick and stable base. It features a recording volume adjustment knob, a 3.5 mm minijack for connecting headphones, a potentiometer for volume control, a touch mute button, and even an adjustable RGB backlight. AXIS’ most important feature is the ability to adjust its recording direction. You can choose from four polarity settings – cardioid, bi-directional, stereo and omni-directional. This makes the microphone suitable for many applications – from streaming to gaming with friends, or even recording podcasts with several people in the same room!


The AXIS microphone allows you to easily change your recording direction. The cardioid mode automatically isolates your voice and muffles background noise, and works best while streaming or chatting with friends in your favourite games. The stereo mode allows you to create high-quality recordings of guitar sounds and vocals, preserving their natural depth and spaciousness. Two-way recording (front and back) conveniently records the conversation between you and someone sitting opposite of you. There is also the omnidirectional mode, which allows you to easily record all surrounding sounds. Directivity is changed by pressing on the recording-volume knob, with the selected mode always easily identifiable by the four LEDs on the top of the microphone.


At the top of the AXIS microphone there is a touch mute button. The convenient location of the button allows you to quickly mute the microphone during gaming, work, or study without having to reach for a hotkey on the keyboard or minimizing any applications or windows. The mute activation is easily identified by red LED illumination on the top of the microphone.


The back of the AXIS microphone is equipped with a gain knob which allows you to conveniently adjust recording volume, even in the middle of a recording. This makes it much easier to control audio quality while streaming or chatting with friends without having to minimize any applications or use any additional software.


The AXIS microphone features a 3.5 mm minijack on the back for headphones. By connecting headphones to the microphone, you can not only hear what is happening in-game, but also monitor your own voice. This allows you to quickly assess both the quality and volume of recorded audio, which is especially useful for live podcasts or while streaming a game.


A potentiometer under the 3.5 mm minijack allows you to conveniently change system volume at any time. Turning it left and right adjusts the volume level, giving you even more accurate control at your fingertips.


Appearance is just as important as functionality, and that’s why the AXIS allows you to adjust its RGB backlighting to look exactly how you want it to. There are six different backlight modes – solid colours: green, cyan, blue, pink, red, yellow, and even a rainbow mode which fluidly transitions through all the colours simultaneously. The backlighting mode button is located on the bottom of the microphone and holding it for 3 seconds allows you to completely turn off the backlight.


The AXIS microphone is predominantly metal, making it highly durable and resistant to damage. With its stiff construction and high-quality materials used throughout, it is truly built to last.


The AXIS microphone is mounted on an incredibly stable metal base. At the bottom, there are additional rubber pads which prevent accidental movement of the microphone. The base is also very easy to unscrew, allowing you to mount the microphone on an adjustable arm or wherever else you prefer.


The AXIS is equipped with an integrated shock mount which reduces vibrations that are sometimes accidentally transferred to the microphone through typing or movement of the desk. Additionally, there is a foam pop filter inside the microphone structure that blocks unwanted noise — rapidly moving air, breathing, or so-called "explosive consonants". These key features combine to give you cleaner and distortion-free audio recordings.


The AXIS is Plug & Play – just plug it into your computer with the included USB cable and the drivers will automatically install, allowing you to enjoy high-quality recorded sound in no time! The microphone is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems and does not require any additional software.


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Technical data

  • Product codeSPG148
  • EAN5903018663593
  • Net weight [g]575
  • Box size [mm]320×194×145
  • ColorBlack
  • Directivityadjustable (cardioid, stereo, two-way, omnidirectional)
  • ConnectorUSB-C cable
  • Cable length [m]2.5
  • Sampling rate24bit, 192kHz
  • SPL120dB
  • Frequency range30-18000 Hz
  • Mounting methodmetal base
  • Pop filterInternal
  • Shock mountYes
  • Mute buttonYes
  • SoftwareNo
  • Warranty24 months

Set includes

  • SPC Gear AXIS Streaming USB microphone
  • shock mount
  • metal base
  • 2.5 m USB-C to USB-A cable
  • user instructions