Aluminum construction

Stability and durability

The chair’s construction consists of a durable aluminum frame, thanks to which the whole is extremely durable and damage resistant. To provide maximum comfort and convenience, while ensuring the correct working position, the backseat and seat lining is made of a wipe-resistant and breathable polyester mesh.

Whole-length back support

Take care of your health

Thanks to the use of an appropriate backrest profile, which corresponds to the natural curvature of the spine, the comfort improvent and reduction of pressure within the L3 disc can be felt immediately. As the backrest is also fully adjustable, the SPC Gear EG950 Ergonomic Chair provides adequate back support along its entire length, i.e. along the cervical, thoracic and lumbar sections of the spine.

Levers under the armrests

Adjustments made quick and easy

The SPC Gear EG950 Ergonomic Chair is equipped with a special adjustment mechanism. Under the left armrest there is a lever for adjusting the angle of the backrest, while a lever under the right armrest can be used to adjust the height of the seat. The use of such a solution makes the adjustment proccess even faster and simpler.

Elegant design

Lightweight and timeless look

The use of simple shapes and forms ensures a timeless look – regardless of the changing trends, the chair adapts to both modern and classic interiors seamlessly.

MULTILOCK mechanism

Possibility of rocking with the lock function

The SPC Gear EG950 has an improved MULTILOCK mechanism. It allows for 15 different levels of tilt angle, with a maximum of 123 degree. Thanks to it only the backrest tilts during rocking, and
the seat remains motionless. The mechanism, in contrast to the usual MULTILOCK system, has two springs, what makes the backrest even more flexible.

High quality polyester mesh

Breathability, durability, comfort

Both the seat and backrest are made of a high quality polyester mesh. Thanks to a special manufacturing process, it is characterized by high durability and flexibility, and its properties guarantee breathability during long hours of using the chair.

Technical data

  • Product codeSPG027
  • EAN5903018660615
  • Covering materialMesh (TPEE and PET)
  • Chair weight [kg]19.7
  • Inner seat width [mm]490
  • Outer seat width [mm]490
  • Seat thickness [mm]35-70
  • Seat depth [mm]435-475
  • Min. height of seat from the ground [mm]470
  • Max. height of seat from the ground [mm]560
  • Backrest height [mm]575
  • Backrest thickness [mm]21
  • Inner backrest width [mm]490
  • Outer backrest width [mm]490
  • Minimum tilt angle of backrest [°]90
  • Maximum tilt angle of backrest [°]123
  • Minimum height of armrest [mm]165
  • Maximum height of armrest [mm]225
  • Ability to swivel armrestYes
  • Tilt mechanism typeMultilock
  • Gas Lift type85 mm Class 4
  • Base arm length [mm]350
  • Minimum user height [cm]170
  • Maximum user height [cm]190
  • Maximum user weight [kg]120