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The SPC Gear 110C Floor Pad is a durable PVC protective mat in a round shape with an elegant graphic printed on the surface, which will nicely accentuate any modern computer workstation. The floor mat grips to the ground easily and stays in place, even after prolonged use. The material also helps to reduce chair movement sounds.


Computer chair wheels that are not specially treated can easily scratch floors, especially wood or ceramic tiles. Even small dirt particles stuck to the wheels can cause damage over time. Thankfully, the 110C is made of thick and durable PVC, which helps in distributing weight over a larger surface area. Thanks to this, overall pressure placed on the floor is lessened, which prevents micro-dents, and in the long run — visible damage and abrasions.


SPC Gear protective mats are available in three sizes: 90 × 90 cm (the square 90S Floor Pad), 120 × 90 cm (the rectangular 120R Floor Pad) and 110 cm in diameter (the circular 110C Floor Pad). The highly aesthetic graphics match both the shape and size of the mat.


Does your chair roll around too easily during intense gaming? The PVC used in the 110C is not only durable, but also sticks firmly to the surface of the floor. This greatly improves adhesion between the mat and the wheels of the chair, which significantly reduces unwanted chair movement.


The 110C not only increases the comfort of using your chair and protects from scratches, but also shields the floor from any accidental spills. The waterproof coating will effectively stop spilled drinks from reaching your floor, making clean up easier and giving you one less thing to worry about.


Moving a computer chair across exposed hard floors can make quite a racket. The durable surface of the mat effectively reduces noise and increases both the convenience of use and the comfort of others who live with you or co-workers.


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Technical data

  • Product code:SPG172
  • EAN:5903018664040
  • Dimensions [mm]:⌀ 1100
  • Surface material:PVC
  • Anti-slip layerYes
  • Thickness [mm]2,2
  • ShapeRound

Set includes

  • SPC Gear Floor Pad 110C - PROTECT MAT