The SPC Gear GD700E is an all-new durable, spacious and highly stable desk that provides users with extensive electric height adjustment capabilities and cable management options. The broad and thick tabletop has room for many accessories and peripherals, including XXL mouse pad, full-size keyboard, and even multiple monitors. Convenient rubber grommets greatly help with cable routing, and thanks to the three unique cut-outs on the back of the tabletop, you can even hide away monitor mount arms and any additional cables. Another included feature is a metal headphone holder directly underneath – it can be placed on the left, right, or even the front or side edges of the table.


With the GD700E, height is adjusted through a panel with buttons on the front of the desk which controls the electric lift underneath. Thanks to this, users can smoothly and precisely change the height of the desk in a range from 73 to 120 cm, which allows even the tallest of users to work in a standing position whenever they want. The control panel allows you to save up to four height settings, which makes changing the height of the desk quicker and easier than ever. Thanks to the height adjustment capabilities of the desk, you can take your workstation to a whole new level - literally!


The GD700E is equipped with a tabletop 78 cm thick and 150 cm wide, giving you vast amount of space for all sorts of computer accessories and peripherals. Two or more monitors can be easily mounted in the specialized cut-outs on the rear of the desk, or wherever else users prefer (number of monitors depends on their size measured in inches and type, e.g. ultrawide). Along with this, full-size keyboards, XXL mousepads, speakers, microphones, and much more will have no trouble fitting on this truly spacious desk. With the lack of free space being an issue of the past, you can finally set your workstation up the way you’ve always wanted it to be.

  • smooth and consistent electric height adjustment
  • ability to save up to 4 convenient height adjustment profiles
  • spacious tabletop surface
  • rubbered grommets in the tabletop for cables
  • adhesive hooks for easy cable management
  • durable adjustable metal headphone hanger
  • wide metal shelf underneath for power strip and cables
  • three cut-outs on the back to hide away monitor mounts or any additional cables
  • comfortable cut-out at the front for convenient sitting positions
  • durable carbon and matte top coating
  • robust construction which can withstand loads up to 80 kg


The GD700E has special grommets and hooks for easy and organized cable routing. There are two grommets located at the central part of the tabletop that are secured by rubber plugs, in which any and even all cables can be conveniently tucked away. In addition to this, the lift mechanism is smartly hidden in the specially designed leg passages, protecting it from dirt, wear, and tear, and giving you the clean look you’ve grown to expect from SPC Gear.


Included with the desk are four self-adhesive hooks that allow cables to be suspended underneath the tabletop. Arranging the cables into a single bundle further aids in convenient setup and organization.


The GD700E comes with a durable metal headphone hanger that can be mounted underneath the tabletop. The hanger is covered in a soft foam, which protects your headphones and prevents abrasion of the headband cover. This handle can be installed in one of four positions – on the front or side edges, or on the left or right, letting you customize your setup just the way you like it.


Another feature underneath the table is a capacious metal power strip shelf. The shelf has three holes through which power cord plugs can be plugged in. Thanks to the shelf, all cables plugged into the strip will be in one place and not take up valuable floor or desk space.


At the back of the desk, there are three 5 cm cut-outs. These allow you to install monitor mounts without having to move the desk away from the wall, or even route any leftover cables through. The notches allow monitor mounts to be installed in three different positions – on the left, the right or in the middle of the desk. Thanks to this, you can easily adapt the desk to your desired monitor setup.


The desk has a specially designed wide cut-out at the front. Its gently profiled edge makes it easier to place your arms on the tabletop, and is almost completely imperceptible, even during extended work meetings or gaming sessions.


The three-part GD700E top is finished with a durable scratch-resistant veneer. The two outer sections are covered with a carbon-pattern coating, giving the desk a fierce, yet professional look. The inner section is covered in a smoothly textured, equally durable matt veneer.


The core of the GD700E consists of large steel legs, as well as additional steel reinforcement underneath the tabletop. Rubber feet are installed under the legs to prevent the desk from moving or scratching the floor. Thanks to the wide steel legs, the desk is very stable, and the thick metal beams underneath provide for even further stiffness and support. This specially designed skeleton has made the desk able to withstand loads of up to 80 kg.


(Click to zoom. Actual dimensions may vary.)

Technical data

  • Product code:SPG174
  • EAN:5903018664057
  • ColourBlack
  • Width of the desktop [mm]1500
  • Deep of the desktop [mm]780
  • Height of the desk [mm]730-1200
  • Thickness of the desktop [mm]18
  • Gross desk weight [kg]39,6
  • Material of the legsSteel
  • Material of the desktopWood (fibreboard)
  • maximum allowed load [kg]80
  • Warranty [months]24

Set includes

  • SPC Gear GD700E desk
  • assembly tools
  • assembly instructions

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