SPC Gear GK550 Omnis Kailh Blue RGB is full sized version of mechanical keyboard, which will prove itself both in gaming and in intensive work by the computer. Magnetically detachable wrist rest, 104 keycaps and punctual RGB lighting guarantees full comfort for day to day users. High quality aluminium top offers solid construction, and side LED lighting provides an unique design.



Rounded up edges, modern design, and unique side lighting give the SPC Gear GK550 Omnis keyboard exceptional style. It is a link between classic and modernity, which makes it an genuine and timeless product, which also is a decoration on the gaming desk.


Alluminum top cover

Thanks to light and durable aluminium strenghtened frame, the SPC Gear GK550 Omnis keyboard is extremely long lasting and very resistant to any damage. Top plate with linished edges not only strenghtens the frame but also adds a piece of amazingness to the keyboard design. Well planned keyboard weight, and rubber legs makes it a stable construction which improves usage comfort.



The spot RGB lighting gives almost unlimited numer of color combinations, thanks to which you can choose from 18 effects – starting from fixed lighting, through moving light patterns, to lighting that reacts to key press. Amaze your friends with the unique keyboard!


Full comfort

The full sized keyboard is the universality popular with most users. Well profiled 104 individually highlighted keycaps will provide unique character and comfort, not only when writing but also when you decide to have some rest with your favourite video game.

Backlight effects:

FN + Ins
FN + Ins
FN + Ins
FN + Home
FN + Home
FN + Home
FN + PgUp
FN + PgUp
FN + PgUp
FN + Del
FN + Del
FN + Del
FN + End
FN + End
FN + End
FN + PgDn
FN + PgDn
FN + PgDn

Wrist rest

Can be magnetically detached

When designing SPC Gear GK550 Omnis keyboard the priority was to provide the highest comfort of use. Well selected wrist rest makes user hands to be placed under the correct angle. Magnetic fitting allows easy assembling and disassembling

Kailh Blue Mechanical Switches

With 50 million keystrokes

Kailh Blue switches are perfect solution for people, who write a lot, and also for the players who would like to be sure, that the desired action has been taken. After pressing key with the blue switch we will hear the characteristic loud click, and feel a gentle spring. The key itself will be activated if pressed halfway down, and the skillful usage of this function will significantly speed the execution of desired action up.


You decide how many keys to push

N-Key rollover function provides full anti-ghosting. It means that you can press all keys in the same time, and each of them will be registered separately. The only limit is your invention.


To reach the full power

Both in games, and in day to day usage, you can programme any macros. It means that you can assign a function which will normally require a combination of couple key presses to a single key. Thanks to the software you can set everything up as per your personal requirements in a few minutes. Make your gaming and work life easier!



SPC Gear software for keyboards makes the lighting modes management even easier. It allows the user to comfortably adjust lighting animation speed, its intensity and style. Another special function of the software is possibility to create easily editable macros – key sequences set by the user. The speed of macro execution can be adjusted while recording sequence.


(Click to zoom. Actual dimensions may vary.)

Technical data

  • Product codeSPG016
  • EAN5903018660035
  • Keyboard typeMechanical
  • Switch typeKailh
  • Switch colorBlue
  • Number of keys104
  • Polling Rate [hz]1000
  • Lighting typeFull RGB
  • Cable length [m]1.8
  • PlugGold Plated USB
  • MacrosYes
  • Wrist restYes
  • Anti-GhostingFull
  • N-Key RolloverFull
  • Product size [mm]465×194,8×21
  • Product weight [g]950
  • Warranty24 months
  • Softwareyes (optional for Windows 10)
  • LayoutUS

Set includes

  • GK550 Omnis Kailh Blue keyboard
  • Keycap puller
  • Manual

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