SPC Gear KC105 [DE] Pudding Onyx White DBL Shot PBT is a stunning set of keycaps for mechanical keyboards. The two-colour design, consisting of a white top and a translucent, milky bottom segment, allows users to experience the full effect of their keyboard’s RGB lighting. Thanks to the PBT material and double injection technology, the keycaps are characterized by ultra-high abrasion resistance, and retain their aesthetic appearance and texture even after extensive and intensive use. The set consists of 105 keycaps in the DE layout, and is not only compatible with TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboards, but full-size keyboards as well.


Pudding keycaps in the Onyx White variant

The SPC Gear KC105 [DE] Pudding Onyx White DBL Shot PBT keycaps are made of a two-colour material — white on the top and a translucent milky bottom — inspired by the rare white variety of onyx, a mineral known for its high strength. The pudding-like pattern gives the keycaps an amazing look, especially when combined with keyboard backlighting during the evening or in a darker room.


O-rings included

In addition to the keycaps, a set of silencing rubber O-rings are also included. Designed to be mounted directly onto the switches, they absorb typing impact and significantly reduce sound made by the keys. This is an ideal solution for people who want to enjoy the high quality and responsiveness of mechanical switches while maintaining a silent environment.


High abrasion resistance

KC105 [DE] Pudding Onyx White DBL Shot PBT keycaps were made with double injection technology. This means that the keycap material is produced in two specific colour variants, poured then into the mold one by one. Thanks to this process, they are characterized by high abrasion resistance. In addition, the PBT material used throughout guarantees exceptional stiffness and strength, which makes the keycaps ultra-resistant to impact — translating to an incredibly long lifespan.

Technical data

  • Product code:SPG176
  • EAN:5903018664200
  • Surface material:PBT
  • Production technologyDouble Injection
  • Number of keycaps105
  • CompatibilityGK530, GK540, GK550, GK630, GK650
  • ColourWhite + translucent
  • Warranty [months]24

Set includes

  • SPC Gear KC105 [DE] Pudding Onyx White DBL Shot PBT keycaps
  • Set of O-rings
  • Keycap puller
  • Printed DE key layout for a full-size (105) keyboard

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