SPC Gear Memory Foam Earpads are compatible with both SPC Gear VIRO and VIRO Plus headphones, as well as with many other headsets available on the market. They are filled with memory foam, so they adapt to the head and ears’ shape, providing comfort and convenience even when used for hours. Replacing earpads in headphones is extremely easy and takes only a moment.

Pleasant to the touch velour

SPC Gear Memory Foam Earpads Hybrid Velour/PU are covered with pleasant to the touch velour. This delicate material is not only soft and pleasing but also provides high comfort. Headphones with such pads look neat, elegant and aesthetic. SPC Gear Memory Foam Earpads Hybrid Velour/PU have a negligible effect on sound compared to earpads made of ecological leather. They provide a similar level of passive soundproofing from background noises.


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Technical Data

  • Product code:SPG095
  • EAN:5903018662527
  • Surface material:Velour/PU
  • Filling material:Memory Foam
  • CompatibilityVIRO, VIRO PLUS, VIRO INFRA
  • ColourBlack
  • Warranty [months]24

Set Includes

  • SPC Gear Memory Foam Earpads Hybrid Velour/PU