The SPC Gear SR300F V2 GY is a modernized version of the incredibly popular SR300F GY computer chair. The “F” refers to the comfortable and air-permeable fabric upholstery, while the “GY” is short for “grey”. The tall backrest helps in maintaining good posture when seated, and the high-quality cold-pressed foam in the seat preserves its properties even after extended use. The core of the chair’s structure is a steel frame, with the base of the backrest and seat made of elastic straps, further enhancing comfort. The SR300F V2 also has a TILT mechanism that allows for the rocking of the chair, along with adjustable 2D armrests.


Bucket-seat style computer chairs are not only comfortable during prolonged gameplay sessions, but also very aesthetically pleasing, offering a unique design that goes great with any gamers room or even a home office. The shape of the SR300F V2 GY is inspired by rally seats, thus supporting the body in key places, while maintaining high levels of comfort. Another inseparable element is the pillows, which also aid in maintaining good posture when seated.

  • durable, steel structure supported by straps
  • breathable and pleasant to the touch fabric upholstery in grey with black accents
  • seat filled with deformation-resistant molded foam
  • bucket seat design
  • TILT mechanism with a rocking function
  • highest-quality class 4 lift (up to 150 kg static lifting capacity)
  • large wheels made of nylon, which helps to protect the floor from scratches
  • includes two pillows – for the lumbar spine and neck area
  • seat height adjustment in a range of 75 mm
  • adjustment of seat incline in a range from 90° to 170⁰


At the core of the SR300F V2 GY lies its durable steel frame, which is further supported by elastic belts. Thanks to this, the seat retains high levels of plasticity even after long periods of use. The TILT mechanism connects to the steel support by a top-of-the-line class 4 lift (up to 150 kg static load). Added to this are new larger-sized wheels, further reinforcing the entire chair. The chair is recommended for people up to 120 kg, also taking into account the dynamics of sitting down (temporarily significantly increasing pressure on the lift).


Another unique feature of the SR300F V2 GY chair is its grey fabric upholstery with black accents. The specially woven fabric is highly comfortable and very pleasant to the touch. It is air-permeable and breathable, which is particularly useful on hot summer days, and prevents the body from "sticking" to the seat as with some low-quality materials and chairs.


Adjust the chair to your needs thanks to extensive recline possibilities, allowing for the adjustment of the incline in a range from 90° (completely vertical position) to 170° (an almost flat position). Thanks to this function, you can adjust the backrest and essentially lie down in the chair and comfortably rest after intense gaming or equally intense work or study sessions.


The seat support mechanism also has a TILT function, which unlocked allows the user to tilt the seat back and forth up to 18⁰. It’s also possible to lock the seat in a tilted 18⁰ position or a completely horizontal position. TILT resistance relative to your weight and movement patterns is adjustable as well, increasing chair stability and giving you more options than ever.


Flat, height-regulated armrests allow you to adjust comfortable forearm resting positions, preventing fatigue during longer sessions at the desk. The armrests are covered with soft and durable foam, additionally enhancing both the looks and ergonomics of the chair.


The chair comes with two spinal support pillows for the neck and lumbar spine areas, which help in maintaining good posture when seated.


Thanks to its class 4 lift, the seat height can be adjusted in a range of 75 mm (47 to 54.5 cm), making the chair suitable for people with heights ranging from 165 to 185 cm.


(Click to zoom. Actual dimensions may vary.)

Technical data

  • Product codeSPG171
  • EAN5903018664033
  • Covering materialFabric
  • Chair weight [kg]19.77
  • Inner seat width [mm]360
  • Outer seat width [mm]560
  • Seat thickness [mm]100
  • Seat depth [mm]480
  • Min. height of seat from the ground [mm]470
  • Max. height of seat from the ground [mm]545
  • Backrest height [mm]830
  • Backrest thickness [mm]80
  • Inner backrest width [mm]305
  • Outer backrest width [mm]550
  • Minimum tilt angle of backrest [°]90
  • Maximum tilt angle of backrest [°]170
  • Minimum height of armrest [mm]270
  • Maximum height of armrest [mm]340
  • Tilt mechanism typeTilt
  • Gas Lift type175 mm Class 4
  • Base arm length [mm]350
  • Minimum user height [cm]165
  • Maximum user height [cm]185
  • Maximum user weight [kg]120
  • Wheels dimension [mm]60
  • Material of the wheels' outer ringNylon
  • Warranty24 months

Set includes

  • SR300F V2 GY chair
  • two pillows: bottom (lumbar) and top (neck)
  • assembly kit
  • assembly instructions

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