SPC Gear SR400F RD is an extremely durable, eye-catching and comfortable bucket chair for gamers, finished with a high-quality breathable fabric — in black and red. Its metal-reinforced frame paired up with a backrest and seat made of molded foam ensure high comfort, even during long hours at the PC. Widely adjustable — from the height of the 3D armrests to the inclination of the backrest — it is easy to configure and adapt to your requirements. Thanks to its attractive design, the SR400F RD suits both a gamer’s workstation and a more toned-down office environment.


The SPC Gear SR400F chair not only provides comfort during long sessions in front of the computer, but it’s also pleasing to the eyes next to a tastefully arranged battlestation. The SR400’s shape was inspired by racing car seats, designed to best support the user’s body in the key areas of the spine, particularly the lumbar and cervical sections.


The SPC Gear SR400F RD chair is finished with breathable fabric — in black and red — which proves exceptionally useful during hot summer days. Specially weaved material is also pleasant to the touch, further increasing the comfort of sitting in it and additionally eliminated the problem of skin “sticking” to the chair.


Ergonomically profiled armrests allow you to adjust them to your own needs and preferences. They are adjustable in two planes, vertically and horizontally — so you can change their height, turn them to the left and right, and move them forwards or backwards. This improves the ergonomics of use, facilitates correct posture, and provides comfortable support for the user’s arms.


Proper support of the lumbar and cervical spine sections is ensured by two special cushions — the integral parts of the SR400. Their positions can also be adjusted according to one’s preferences. The filling of the cushions matches their function: the lower, firmer cushion is made of memory foam to support the lumbar region properly and effectively. The upper, softer pillow is mainly useful for relaxation and helps to develop a proper body posture.


The backrest of the armchair is one of the elements that allow you to quickly change its position. A special mechanism makes it possible to recline by as much as 170° to a nearly lying position or to place it completely vertically in relation to the seat (90°).


The SR400F is equipped with a gas lift of the highest, fourth class (up to 150 kg of static load capacity) to adjust the height of the seat to the user’s height. It can be adjusted within a range of 75 millimetres, so the chair is recommended for people between 165 and 185 centimetres tall.


The mechanism supporting the seat of the SR400F is equipped with a TILT function. This gives the user the option of tilting the entire seat up to 18°, allows rocking like we’ve all always wanted, and makes it easy to adjust to the most comfortable position at your desk. Moreover, thanks to that mechanism it is possible to regulate the amount of force required to tilt the chair, allowing users of different heights and weights to use the rocking function. All of this increases the structural stability and control over the chair’s positioning.


A steel frame supported by elastic straps — that is the core of the durable build of the SPC Gear SR400F chair. It provides stability and high strength to all key components, from the backrest to the seat and the base. The five-star steel base itself connects to the seat via a fourth-class gas-lift (with a static load capacity of up to 150 kg). This makes the S400 highly durable, and we recommend it to people up to 120 kg — taking into account the dynamics of sitting down (which temporarily increases the pressure significantly). Enlarged wheels have been additionally coated with a layer of nylon, which ensures that their edges will not scratch the floor.


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Technical Data

  • Product codeSPG104
  • EAN5903018662787
  • Covering materialFabric
  • Chair weight [kg]20.5
  • Inner seat width [mm]400
  • Outer seat width [mm]540
  • Seat thickness [mm]100
  • Seat depth [mm]500
  • Min. height of seat from the ground [mm]400
  • Max. height of seat from the ground [mm]470
  • Backrest height [mm]850
  • Backrest thickness [mm]80
  • Inner backrest width [mm]320
  • Outer backrest width [mm]560
  • Minimum tilt angle of backrest [°]90
  • Maximum tilt angle of backrest [°]170
  • Minimum height of armrest [mm]295
  • Maximum height of armrest [mm]370
  • Armrest adjustment right/leftYes
  • Armrest adjustment front/backYes
  • Ability to swivel armrestYes
  • Tilt mechanism typeTILT
  • Gas Lift type185 mm, 4th class
  • Base arm length [mm]350
  • Minimum user height [cm]165
  • Maximum user height [cm]185
  • Maximum user weight [kg]120
  • Wheels dimension [mm]60
  • Material of the wheels' outer ringNylon
  • Warranty24 months

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