The SPG Gear VIRO 101M are compact and durable wired in-ear headphones. Their incredibly detailed and bright sound profile is perfect for everyday use across a wide variety of musical genres, games, and movies. Their durable construction combines metal elements with a fully braided cable. The high-quality microphone on the remote control attached to the cable allows for comfortable conversations with friends both at home and outdoors. Thanks to the three function buttons on the remote control, you can easily control media on your smartphone, as well as answer and end phone calls. In addition, the set also includes a protective hard carrying case, as well as four sets of interchangeable eartips (silicone in three different sizes and one pair of foam eartips).


The VIRO 101M earbuds use transducers that reproduce sounds across a wide frequency range. Engineers focused on reproducing the highs in music as faithfully and with as much detail as possible, which translates into a brightly coloured sound profile. Thanks to this, vocals and drums in music, movie dialogues, or even gunshots and steps in video games are perfectly audible. Low and medium frequencies have also not been forgotten — they are well exposed, filling the ears with a pleasant sound.

  • crystal clear, detailed sound
  • highly-sensitive MEMS microphone
  • durable metal earbud construction
  • durable braided cable which also reduces sound distortions
  • modular design for easy cleaning
  • also includes four sets of eartips and a hard carrying case


Thanks to its wide dynamic profile and low levels of self-noise, the MEMS microphone built into the cable of the VIRO 101M is able to capture the user's voice even in noisy places, such as public transport or a bustling restaurant. Pure high-quality sound is efficiently transmitted to the ears of the people you’re speaking with, which allows for easy conversations with a group of friends outside your home, or even with your team in a multiplayer video game match.


Each element of the VIRO 101M is made of high-quality materials. Thanks to the metal housing, the individual earbuds are very damage resistant. Magnets are installed into both earbuds, which allow you to clip them together around your neck, or even pack them away more easily. The flexible cable is also resistant to damage due to its special braid. A braided cable is not only a unique look with greater durability, but also reduces negative microphone effects (distortions that happen when the cable rubs against clothing).


Smartphone users will be pleased to hear that the VIRO 101M has a remote control with three buttons integrated into the cable for multimedia operation. This allows the user to conveniently switch songs, change the volume or even answer phone calls without having to reach for their smartphone.


To aid in cleaning and maintenance, the VIRO 101M has specially designed detachable eartips. This gives you the ability to get easily and quickly rid of unwanted dirt or other obstructions, which extends the life of your earbuds and keeps them sounding new for even longer.


The VIRO 101M set includes three pairs of replaceable silicone eartips in various sizes (small, medium and large), one set of foam eartips which adapt to your ear canals, and an elegant and durable black carrying case with a soft interior that also has a pocket for all your spare eartips. Thanks to the eartips, you can adjust the earbuds to your specific ear shape, and by keeping them in the case when not in use, you can safely transport them both in your pocket or even in a backpack with other items without having to worry about damage.


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Technical data

  • Product CodeSPG170
  • EAN5903018664026
  • ColorBlack
  • TypeGaming headset
  • Sensitivity98±4 at 1 kHz, 1 mW
  • Impedance [Ω]18±15%
  • Frequency response [Hz]20 ~ 22 000
  • Compatible
    • PCYes (OS: Win/Mac/Linux)
    • Video Game ConsolesYes (with a 3,5 mm minijack output)
    • SmartphonesYes (with a 3,5 mm minijack output or via an adapter)
  • Microphone
    • Sensitivity [dB/mW]–42±–3

    Set includes

    • SPC Gear VIRO 101M earbuds
    • hard carrying case
    • 3 pairs of silicon eartips (small/medium/large)
    • 1 pair of foam eartips
    • user instructions