SPC Gear VIRO Onyx White and VIRO Plus Onyx White are a completely new, visually transformed wired and over-ear headsets for players. Inspired by the rare mineral onyx, famous for its exceptional durability and unique appearance. VIRO are equipped with dynamic drivers, which reliably reproduce the surrounding in-game sounds. Pinpointing the opponent’s location comes easy thanks to VIRO’s wide soundscape and precisely placed audio details. Detachable, high-quality microphone with ambient noise cancellation feature makes it the perfect headset for chatting with friends, relaying enemy positions during fierce battles and even streaming.

Unique and eye-catching

VIRO headset in the brand new colour variant Onyx White

Black onyx is famous not only for its high durability but also because of its extraordinary look. The white variant on the other hand is also exceptionally rare. The VIRO Onyx White headset was inspired and designed in the image of this unique mineral. Light-grey accents and silver metal inserts complement the distinguishable white colour scheme. All of it makes the SPC Gear VIRO Onyx Whiter and VIRO Plus Onyx White headsets a perfect, eye-catching addition to any gamer’s setup.

  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Light design
  • Comfortable earpads
  • Additional fabric earpads included in the set
  • Dynamic 53 mm drivers
  • Detachable microphone and cable
  • Remote control for operating the headset on a cable

High-quality audio

Hear the opponent’s distinct in-game footsteps

SPC Gear VIRO are a headset of the so-called closed and over-ear design, which reduces leakage of the played audio outside and helps eliminate unwanted background noise. High-quality audio is ensured by the 53 mm dynamic drivers set in deep earcups filled with memory foam that adapts to the shape of the head and ear. The large space in which the drivers move provides the user with clear and detailed audio and a wide soundscape. The overall sound is balanced and precise, with well-defined punchy bass and a realistic and spacious soundscape.

Detachable, high-quality microphone

Give your teammates clear directions

The microphone, being an indispensable element of the gaming headset, benefits from the experience we gained during the creation and tuning of the professional microphone for streamers, SPC Gear SM900. VIRO focuses all its efforts on capturing speech and masking unnecessary ambient noise of your surroundings — after all, your audience wants to hear your crystal-clear commentary without any unwanted background noise. A high-quality microphone is essential for success in team-based games such as VALORANT, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Call of Duty.

Elegant design

Consistent, minimalistic and elegant — such is the design of the SPC Gear VIRO Onyx White. Made of materials with varying textures, the fresh white colour scheme complemented by light-grey details gives the headset its distinguished look. Stylish and universal, VIRO Onyx White is well-suited not only for long gaming sessions but also for daily use.

Comfortable to use

To ensure maximum strength and durability, the headband is reinforced with metal on the inside. For full comfort, it’s covered with memory foam and lined with pleasant to the touch, soft leather on the outside. The same high-quality leather upholstery was used for earcups — finished with aluminium and filled to the brim with memory foam, which adapts to the user's head and ear shape. The size and shape of the earcup allow it to fit the entire ear, which significantly improves the comfort of everyday use, even during long gaming sessions.

Universal and multi-purpose

Not only for gaming.

The SPC Gear VIRO headset will prove itself irreplaceable in many scenarios — not only during gaming hours but also for video conferences with friends and co-workers or an evening walk with your favourite music album. Equipped with a high-quality detachable microphone with a quick-mute option thanks to the handy slider on the cable, featuring very comfortable memory foam earpads paired with its elegant but eye-catching design — all of it making VIRO the perfect choice for gaming on PC, console or smartphone and for listening to music at home and on-the-go.

Additional pair of earpads

Additionally, you also receive the SPC Gear Memory Foam Earpads Breathable Fabric — made of durable and above all breathable material. Those earpads improve the user’s comfort, especially on hot summer days. You can be sure your ears will remain pleasantly cool and aired during long hours spent in your favourite game. Not only do the SPC Gear Memory Foam Earpads Breathable Fabric look neat and elegant but also have a negligible effect on the quality of sound in comparison to the standard leather earpads, while providing a similar level of passive dampening of ambient noise.


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Technical data

  • Product CodeSPG107
  • EAN5903018662954
  • ColorWhite
  • TypeGaming headset
  • Sensitivity98±4dB at 1KHz
  • Transducer [mm]φ53
  • Impedance [Ω]32±20%
  • Frequency response [Hz]20 ~ 20 000
  • Weight [g]307 ±5
  • Dimensions [mm]172×195×96.5
  • Compatible
    • PCYes (OS: Win/Mac/Linux)
    • Video Game ConsolesYes (with a 3,5 mm minijack output)
    • SmartphonesYes (with a 3,5 mm minijack output or via an adapter)
  • Warranty24 months
  • Microphone
    • MIC size [mm]6.0×5
    • Sensitivity [dB/mW]-55±4
    • Impedance [KΩ]≤2.2

    Set includes

    • SPC Gear VIRO Onyx White headset
    • Detachable microphone
    • Additional earpads
    • Cap for the headset microphone jack
    • 120 cm cable with remote control (3.5 mm minijack – 3.5 mm minijack)
    • 150 cm adapter (3.5 mm minijack – double 3.5 mm minijack)
    • Instruction manual

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